Grand Gangster Auto Theft

Nitro Kings
Обновлено: 2022-07-26 Версия: 1.1.3
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Игра отстой полный отстой😠потому что Фик поймёш как играть во 2 там каждую 4 секунд реклама 3 как Ворде играть и что там делать не понятно‽


Игра отстой вопще непонятно что в ней нужно Делать и через каждые 5 секунд реклама!!!


ОТВРАТИТЕЛЬНО, УЖАС, графика отстой, ну и в принципе игра тоже. Разрабы удалите все игры, которые вы создали.

The city of Vegas is waiting for a grand gangster auto theft who is not afraid to start a life of crime! Are you ready to roll the dice and become a new rock star in an open world shooting game filled with action scenes like gang wars, sniper missions, auto car racing and many auto theft missions that are vice of this city of sin. In this action game, you are put on multiple and play different modes like real crime city grand gangster while exploring the open world in fps shooter shooting games. Stop the grand wars and different street crimes like theft or auto racing showing fps commando battlefield skills in auto theft games. Get into a racing car and show your amazing driving skills from off-road racing tracks in this open world 3d city environment mafia crime games.

Your adventure as a grand gangster will begin as you accept multiple thrilling challenges. You will play the role of a city gangsters and try to rule the city as much as possible in gangster games. Show your shooting skills in sniper mode and start shooting missions against gangsters like crime lord and godfather.

This full open world action game allows you to move freely in the environment and look for criminals, enemy, mafia and other gang members. Use stealth or complete your mission by counter attacking the enemy fire in this grand gangster crime war and rescue innocent hostages. Select a gun from arsenal and defeat your enemy to finish your rescue mission. Insane open world adventure that will start your heart racing in all the cool hand to hand combat, boxing and shooting missions against the mafia members. Each third person shooting mission will make you commit to the game like a real rock star as you race along the vice streets to stop the grand theft crime that is happening in secret.

Get behind the wheels of different auto like racing cars, police car, even cabs and rush towards the victory. Upgrade you’re in-game gear for maximum action in this grand adventure.

Top Features:
-Multiple game resources such as health kit, ammo, weapons and all the gear that you need to win.
-Large modern city with realistic setup and environment.
-Thrilling challenges in each grand gangster modes with exciting missions
-Time limit to complete each grand crime objective
-Cool gameplay sound effects like shooting, drifting, racing and fighting.
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