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Mystery Match Mania

Embark on an exciting journey with "Mystery Match Mania"
Обновлено: 2023-11-29
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Информация о ПК-версии Mystery Match Mania

Mystery Match Mania – это Стратегии-приложение, разработанное Sergekat. Чтобы скачать Mystery Match Mania на компьютер, понадобится скачать эмулятор ОС Android на этой странице. Эмулятор Android представляет собой программу, которая имитирует систему мобильного телефона Android на компьютере. LDPlayer – это эмулятор Android, предназначенный для компьютеров с ОС Windows. Он создан на базе версии Android 9.0 и имеет такие мощные функции как многооконность, поддержка макросов и запись операций, которые недоступны на мобильных телефонах. LDPlayer разработан для самых требовательных любителей игр и позволяет получить максимум от мобильных игр на ПК.

Введение о Mystery Match Mania

"Mystery Match Mania" is an exciting mobile game where players have to find three identical symbols on a 3x3 playing field. When launching the application, the player immediately enters the gameplay.

The playing field is initially a set of closed images. Under the field there is the inscription “Find three identical symbols”. Initially, the field is not highlighted, but after purchasing a ticket it becomes brighter and more noticeable. At the top of the screen there is a field with the player’s points, the initial value of which is 500. In the upper left corner there is a settings button, and in the lower left corner there is a field for entering the bet size, the initial value of which is set to 50 points.

In the lower right corner of the screen there is a “Buy ticket” button. After pressing it, it turns into “Open all”, making it possible to open images on the playing field. Each opened image shows a winning multiplier: x2, x4, x10, x100, x4000. At the end of the game, the message “You won!” appears on the screen. and the winning amount or “Try again” if the player did not win.

The settings screen provides buttons for controlling audio and returning to the game.

The essence of the game is to collect three identical symbols. Symbols are opened one at a time, by tapping on each individual image or all at once, by clicking on the “Open all” button. If a combination appears, the player’s bet is multiplied by the multiplier indicated on the symbol. If several combinations appear, the bet amount is multiplied by each of the multipliers. If the player's account does not have enough funds for a bet, he is automatically awarded 200 additional points.

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Как скачать и играть в ххх на ПК

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