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Escape jailbreak Prison Police

Fight for jail breakout plan & jump onto airplane to escape police car chase sim
barakat apps
Обновлено: 2023-11-29
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Информация о ПК-версии Escape jailbreak Prison Police

Escape jailbreak Prison Police – это Симуляторы-приложение, разработанное barakat apps. Чтобы скачать Escape jailbreak Prison Police на компьютер, понадобится скачать эмулятор ОС Android на этой странице. Эмулятор Android представляет собой программу, которая имитирует систему мобильного телефона Android на компьютере. LDPlayer – это эмулятор Android, предназначенный для компьютеров с ОС Windows. Он создан на базе версии Android 9.0 и имеет такие мощные функции как многооконность, поддержка макросов и запись операций, которые недоступны на мобильных телефонах. LDPlayer разработан для самых требовательных любителей игр и позволяет получить максимум от мобильных игр на ПК.

Введение о Escape jailbreak Prison Police

Get ready for some action

You have played many racing games but vesper games take twisting turn and bring some different idea for you. This prisoner escape action game will give you a chance to show your physical fitness that how you can survive when police cop chasing you and you are trying to escape from them. Escape Prison Police Airplane Chase 3D gives you an exciting 3D race. Play police car Escape Plan to outrun law enforcement and don’t get busted by cops cars. You have Committed bank robbery and multiple street crimes to get rich.This action packed game test your skills to make a plan of escaping from police car. So make a super plan for escaping. Use you car racing skills to dodge the police squad. Don’t give chance to police to chase you. Drive in car as fast as you can and cross the highway and become escaping hero from prison so what are you waiting for? Download this prisoner escape game and enjoy adventure with action gameplay.

Are you ready to execute your plan

You were the right hand of mafia gang and were very famous in your crime including hunting, shooting and kidnapping. Unfortunately when you was kidnapping child from street, police was busy in counter terrorism operation against mafia terrorist gang and unluckily you were captured by cop army and sentenced to jail for your reaming life. The jail is totally under observation of police special hired agent to keep an eye on you. So make a perfect plan to escape from jail and save your life. Escaping from jail is difficult but not impossible. Make your perfect exit plan quickly and efficiently because you have spent very hard time in jail and this time don’t let police to succeed in their prisoner search operation. Use escaping tools to escape from jail and go fast to exit from police station. Fight with police which is creating hurdles in your escape plan from jail. When you completely escaped from police station don’t forget that police car chaser will get started. Select your extreme car and drive as furious as you can showing your car driving skills and show stunts in street with perfect drifting. Maintain a peculiar distance from police cars and drive all the way to safe house in amazing escape game. Show guts for grand gangster theft and intriguing driving missions in suburban town. Go to the airport and jump into the airplane by jumping onto the ramp and showing some car stunts and break the rules and disciplines. Complete gangster escape missions from police car chase before they catch you again. Survive without food, water and survival things and become escaping hero with enjoying lot of fun

Features of Escape Prison Fight game

Prisoners escape planning
A new and a different idea for you
Chance to show your physical fitness
Action packed game
Extreme car driving
Intelligent Police car chase
Best prisoner escape game


The complete game play is about escaping from police and police car by performing different stunts. Start the life of criminal and be a super escape planer

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Как скачать и играть в ххх на ПК

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