Dragon Brawlers

Обновлено: 2021-03-31 Версия: 1.19.0
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Enter a world of Dragons and Heroes, and become the very best Dragon Brawler.

Train your very own Dragons to battle in a brand new 3v3 MOBA experience!

Immerse yourself in various battle modes!

- Subjugate the dragon king and destroy the opposing team's base! Unleash your fury in this new 3v3 mode, Dragon King's Awakening!
- Show off your tactical skills and achieve victory in the Dragon Soul mode! Fight in teams of 3 and make use of the launch pad to seize the Dragon Souls!
- Cooperate with your teammates and defeat the opponents as many times as you can in the 3v3 Bounties mode!
- Face off in teams of 3 in Gem Jam as you try to defeat the other team and collect their Gems. This fast-paced mode will keep you on your toes throughout the match!
- Want to show off your survival skills? Join in the Survivor (Solo/Pair Up) modes and seize resources in an ever-shrinking map! Be the last one standing!

Stay tuned for more exciting maps and new modes!


Quick and Thrilling 3v3 Battles

Quick matchmaking for quick matches! A thrilling experience in just 3mins!

Dragons? Heroes? Why not both?

Mix and match countless Dragons and Heroes in this 2D MOBA! Let your Heroes mount the Dragons and lead them to victory!

Collect them all

Unlock and train a large number of Dragons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses! Utilize their unique abilities to handle any situation your enemies throw at you!

Compete with aspiring Dragon Brawlers from all around the world

Befriend or challenge other Dragon Brawlers. Fight your way through the Arena for honor and glory!
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Как установить Dragon Brawlers на ПК

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