Nightbird Society: Dream Escape

Epizodic Entertainment
Обновлено: 2021-03-19 Версия: 2.0.3
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A team of lost souls with hidden talents are being assembled to save the world. Help Sarah break through her fears and discover her true calling!

BLAST through a challenging "dream theme" puzzle-adventure arcade!

DISCOVER amazing stories and a world full of magic, inspiration & mystery!

FOLLOW your bliss through captivating mini-games and a breathtaking original soundtrack!

FIND hidden objects and collect items to build the ultimate healing pad!

UNLOCK customizable skins and power up collectible pets to navigate through a dream!

To enjoy Nightbird Society: Dream Escape, we recommend the following:

Minimum requirements:
2GB RAM, 64-bit CPU
Galaxy S6 or equivalents

Recommended devices:
3GB RAM, 64-bit CPU
Galaxy S7 or above

Features include:

★ Beautiful visuals, rich and diverse landscapes
★ Hundreds of challenging levels (play at your own pace) and music inspired mini-games
★ Customized skins with an ever-expanding catalog of attire, accessories, and themes
★ Collect, upgrade and power-up items including shields, mind flowers and paw bombs (Pombs!)
★ Original groundbreaking soundtrack (Multi-platinum artist and composer Jae Chong feat. Kiyoné)
★ Retro future inspired UI environments and BGM (Scored by Marcelo Cataldo)
★ “Superhero inspired” stories created and written by renown comic book veterans David Wohl and Joelle Sellner
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