Max Air Motocross

Lifebelt Games Pte. Ltd.
Обновлено: 2022-08-04 Версия: 1.34
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Прикольно на любителя мотиков


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Extreme 3D dirt bike stunt action!

Get big air and perform insane flip tricks. Pull off huge trick combos and become the best Freestyle Motocross Rider on the planet!

Collect Dirt Bikes!
2 stroke, 4 stroke or even Electric! Pick your style from different brands and over 20 unique paint jobs. Collect motorcycles and ride with style.

Unlock locations from around the world.
Explore freestyle and racing tracks. Complete missions from real life locations all over the world. Launch off mega ramps, crawl up hills and jump off cliffs.

Big Air Tricks.
Tsunami, Seat-Grab, Bar-Hop, Cordova and the list of tricks goes on. Combine mad tricks and get crazy scores. Pump your adrenaline with high speeds and extreme motorbike jumps. Be a tricks master.

Unlock Riders!
Unlock popular motocross riders and their unique style and skills of moto riding. Choose from the latest and most stylish motor sport outfits and protective gear to ride with.

Simple to pick up and play. Show off your mad skills in motocross. Become the Extreme Freestyle Motocross rider you want to be now!
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