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Предыдущие версии : 2020-05-04

Размер: 106MB


Описание игры

- Umbilical range, the battle grid optimization arrow!
- added to the café] [Comic Bookshelf], [Projectors]! Cartoons and video viewing possible!
- relieve lines [planning mode] introduced general throughout the combat burden

Girl wires will always cheer haejusigo love Thank you.

In 2018, the girl pushes the wire to further develop to be a great game!

Republic of Korea Best Moe gun Tuesday RPG!

Is the commander of the Griffon, please keep the peace of the world!

Welcome to 2060.
To keep the world from survivors over, cheolhyeol cooperation, the work of rebuilding ran our hands.

Now, let's go back to that time wotdeon peace.
Choose us and let us together
"Gryphon & Kruger" private military companies

[Game features;
- a new strategy that can simulate both the feel and operability strategies by combining tactics and immediate battle RPG

- More than 100 machine guns Moe various screen characters

- Asian girl in a massive super ilreoseuteo have appeared angry Moe the famous gun from one of World War II to the modern design!

- Vivid sound of super voice
Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, Haruka Tomatsu, such as studded cast of Japanese actors have appeared super !!!

- strategically placed, various attacks Root
Various bases in the tactical map can be freely occupied by a control umbilical. Through good behavior strategy takes advantage of Combat Be victory more enemies.

- operational feeling felt by direct combat engagement
* Vanguard is to prevent the enemy, let the damage to the enemy's rear. Change the location of the battle started by the manual operation of the La flip the charter through strategic control!

- accommodations, more than 100 costumes for girls
La most comfortable and decorated in a unique house for a hostel, a firearm girl can decorate freely through the interior of the hundreds of different themes!

Official Website: http://www.girlsfrontline.co.kr/
Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/girlsfrontlinekr
The official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/GirlsFrontlineKR/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/girlsfrontlinek

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    Скачать LDPlayer

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    Выполнить установку

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    Нажать значок игры чтобы запускать ее после выполнения установки

  • 6Играть в 소녀전선 на ПК с LDPlayer

    Играть в 소녀전선 на ПК с LDPlayer

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Настройка управления

Настройка управления

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Многооконный режим

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Макрос клавиатуры

Макрос клавиатуры

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Высокое действие

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Высокое качество графики

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Интуитивный дизайн

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